Yairi YW-1000

1982 K.Yairi YW-1000

K.Yairi YW-1000 1982 Used

K.Yairi YW-1000 1982 Used in Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Acoustic Guitars | eBay

K.Yairi YW-1000 1982 Used

Color: Natural / wood system Condition: B +: no problems in applications that normally use Production year: 1982 Top plate material: Spruce Side plate material: Jacaranda Back plate material: Jacaranda Body size: Dreadnought type Accessories: body only

Overall this is in excellent condition.
She has some minor scratch/marks.But no crack or no serious damage.
The neck is straight and the fret condition also good.
Please confirm pictures for details.
Electronics function works properly.

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