1984 K. Yairi DY-18 Rare Sunburst Finish

K. Yairi DY-18, 38, 45 ? 1984 Sunburst Rare

K. Yairi DY-18, 38, 45 ? 1984 Sunburst Rare in Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Acoustic Guitars | eBay

Nice hand made, super rare Sunburst DY-18. solid construction. 43 mm nut width. Some scratches but nothing crazy, I took pictures of the biggest ones. Nice low action. Sounds great, balanced and clear just like a Kazuo Yairi or Alvarez Yairi should. I’ll put new strings on it.For a 33 year old guitar this is in great shape. Some fret wear but still has good life left in the frets. This guitar has no cracks, separations, repairs or modifications. The label is AWOL. There is a serial number on the neck block (see photo).Serial number on the neck block beginning with 5806 indicates build date of June 1984, the 6th month of the 58th year of the Japanese Emperor Showa

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