1999 Alvarez Yairi FY-200 Masterwork OOO Guitar

1999 000 size Alvarez Yairi FY-200 double Signed Masterwork Guitar

ALVAREZ YAIRI one owner DY46 w/ PICK-UP & HARD CASE + original paperwork 1981

Alvarez Kasuo Yairi WY-1 Acoustic Guitar Serial Number 45500 1994

Alvarez Yairi acoustic guitar 1982 DY-46 Tobacco Sunburst

1999 000 size Alvarez Yairi FY-200 double Signed Masterwork Guitar….. mint | eBay

1999 000 size Alvarez Yairi FY-200 double Signed Masterwork Guitar….. mint | Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Classical Guitars | eBay!

K.YAIRI SP-140CE Sunburst Rare Electric Guitar with Hard Case From JAPAN

All handcrafted Masterwork series 000 size guitar,Model FY-200…serial number 58240…. perfect size for lead and all rhythm styles….this was a” pull out all the stops” model by Yairi with all binding made of carefully pieced strips of maple and rosewood….no plastic used anywhere………bone bridge and nut….total quality commitment to show Martin and other manufacturers how it’s done….I had a Goodall, artist signature Martin series guitars and a few others lined up trying to find that ultimate acoustic and this fine piece stood above, enough to fetch a considerable price back a few years and win the playability and sound competition against some of the best, currently this series guitar now go for more than $3000 new….very lightweight ….almost mint conditon…no scratches except for some on the pickguard…the finish has sunk into the wood and a nice aged patina has developed on this 18 year old guitar….very balanced sound with nice projection and soundstage…….All abalone hand inlaid ….Rosewood back and sides with ebony fretboard….Impeccable Spruce top and signed on both the base of the neck and on the inside lable by the master Kazuo Yairi…..circa 1999….original massive case w/ dial up combination lock.

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