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First off we are not affiliated with the Alvarez Yairi Guitar company in anyway. We are a group of musicians and collectors who love and appreciate the quality and mystery of Yairi Guitars. On this site you can find info about the many generations of Yairi guitars from the 1960′s till the their modern production instruments.

We appreciate your emails but do to the sheer volume we can not answer all of them. If you are looking for info on a specific model, try leaving a comment in the comment section of the appropriate model you are searching for information about.

We’ve included links to eBay auctions on most models to give the visitor an idea of what the current market value is for that specific model of Yairi guitar.


  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    a K.Yairi G2 found the way into my hands and I have been searching almost the whole internet for some information about this nice guitar. Do you know something about this guitar?

    The model number is G2 and the serial number is 292 or 299.
    The guitar is in a beautiful condition.
    I hope very much that you can help me.

    Best regards from Austria
    Franz Schmidsberger

    1. Hi,
      di you got any infomation about your guitar.
      I have the same model and can’t findy any infos on it.
      thanks in advance.

      Ich habe das gleiche Gitarrenmodell und keine Informationen dazu finden.
      Haben Sie inzwischen Informationen dazu bekommen?
      danke im Voraus.

  2. I have a morris custom w610 that I have owned since 1980/81.

    I haven’t been able to find out much about the guitar and found your site.

    I’m not trolling or looking to sell it – Just wanted to see if I could learn more about the guitar.

    Thanks for any information that you can provide.


    1. Mark,
      I own the same guitar and am also looking for info.
      I bought it in 1980/1981? It is in perfect condition.
      Have you found anything?


      1. Sorry for the late response, Rich. I haven’t found any more about it.

        Where are you located?

        I’m in the Philadelphia area.

        1. I am in the Philadelphia area as well. South Jersey. I’m also sorry about the late response LOL. Still have not found any additional information.

          1. Yo Rich! I’m also in South Jersey. I bought the Morris in Palmyra – at the Guitar Guild.


  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 1983 K Yairi AR351.
    I searched all over the internet but could not find much information on it, at least none that were current.

    I’m interested in learning more about the history and value of this instrument. The link below includes some photos I have taken of the actual guitar. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos from my phone.


    Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  4. Found a K. Yairi model 5060 with a serial # 136 and a date of Dec. 1971. It plays great and is in nice/excellent condition with case. The serial number does not make sense based on my research on this model so far. Has the fret board inlays. Trying to determine if it is “legit” and how much it is worth. Thanks.

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