Yairi DY-88

Alvarez K. Yairi DY-88 guitar

1977 K. Yairi YW-800 (Alvarez DY-85 5060) Vintage Jacaranda and Spruce

alvarez yairi dy88 express pro

Alvarez Yairi Signature WY1TS Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Alvarez Yairi DY-88 guitar

Alvarez Yairi DY-88 guitar in Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Acoustic Electric Guitars | eBay

unique very rare guitar Alvarez Yairi DY-88.This is the second guitar I decided to sell on eBay from my Yairi collection. Year unknown, but probably is the first half of the 90s.
The condition is very good. There are little traces of usage,but the guitar 20+ years. The top is made from flame maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.The guitar sound is amazing, very dense and powerful with an acute attack. Complete with original case.

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