Alvarez Yairi DC-1 David Crosby Signature Model

Alvarez Yairi DC-1 David Crosby Signature Model 12-String Guitars for Sale

No Used Models Available at the Moment, Check Back Soon!

*Solid spruce top
*Laminated rosewood sides


  1. What year is this Yari, What is it made of, and is it comparable to a kazuo yari? How much is it, and what kind of shape is it in? Any blemishes, or scratches, ect. How does it sound. Ive been looking for a 12 string yari, perferable from 80’s or 70’s for along time, but saw this one, and just got to wondering what it is.
    Thank you

  2. The DC-1 was made by Kazuo Yairi, I know it because I have one and it is written on the sticker 🙂 I bought it a few years ago from someone traveling over here because, well… my first guitar was a 12 strings (60s). Nostalgia, I guess. The DC-1 is very nicely crafted and sounds great, but I barely use it or any other 12, so I really can’t compare. The SN of my DC-1 is 48863. No idea of what it means in terms of year. Not much info on the web….
    Georges L

    1. I have inherited one exactly like yours, which has excellent tone action and fidelity. I am trying to appraise it, but can find no Signature model recent sales. Love to know what to insure it for.

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