Alvarez Yairi DY-100

Vintage Alvarez Yairi DY-100 Guitars for Sale

No Used Models Available at the Moment, Check Back Soon!

The Alvarez-Yairi DY100 acoustic guitar may look like ordinary acoustic from afar, but when you see it up close, there are a few significant differences. One of these differences is the beautiful pearl inlay around the acoustic opening on the guitar. This makes the light shimmer off the guitars just right to produce a stunning appearance. The guitar is made with solid mahogany and features gold tuning keys on the head.

This phenomenal is no longer available as a production model. It is now a rare and coveted collection piece. This is a great all around acoustic that has great projection and responds very well to a multitude of playing styles from aggressive strumming to light finger picking. It’s got warm midrange with a very clear and detailed upper register. The bass is big and bold like a dreadnought should be. The guitar plays great with perfect fretwork and nice low action. The guitar is Signed by Kazuo Yairi on the inside neckblock.

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