Alvarez Yairi DY-38

New and Used Alvarez Yairi DY-38 Guitars for Sale

ALVAREZ YAIRI DY-38C Acoustic Electric Guitar with Case

Alvarez – Yairi Dreadnought. Model DY-38, aka Wood Ridge.

Yairi DY-38 Specs: Solid Spruce top, solid mahogany back/sides/neck, natural gloss finish, 3-ply bound body, multi-ply soundhole rosette, Rosewood fretboard and bridge, chrome tuning machines and so forth.


  1. I own this model, mine has a ebony fretboard and bridge, I did not know that the back sides were solid, that is wonderful!

  2. I have a DY 38 and I love it! Great tone, full and well balanced, it is pretty loud too.
    I don’t know what year it is, which is what brought me here.
    Any clues as to how to find out what year it is?

    1. Most likely in the mid 80’s, ,I have the DY48 MODEL which is the enhanced 38 with book matched top, ebony fretboard & African mahogany back & sides, it’s a 86, and yes it has a beautiful tone, and of all the fine and rare guitars I had so far, this one will take me to my end of days.
      Enjoy your fine instrument, I don’t care what anyone says, Yari is an extremely beautiful exquisitely handmade guitar like no other, don’t sell it as you will hurt and regret it, only to look for another one.

    2. I have been an Alvarez dealer since 1980. Look inside the guitar, and on the neck heel you will find a number; this is the “Year of the Emperor”, and indicates the build date. Write me at my website: http://WWW.ChamplinMusic.Com, and I will look it up for you. I just took a 1-owner 1995 DY-38 in as a trade (I sold it new). They were the entry level of Kazuo Yairi; I have personally owned several, and now have a 2003 DYM500 Masterworks, built by Mr. Yairi himself and hand-signed on the neck heel.

  3. K.Yairi DY-38
    I just bought a Yairi DY38 no Alvarez Yairi DY38. The number on the headstock is 9903 275
    Can someone help? In which year was the DY 38 made?

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