Alvarez Yairi DY41

Alvarez Yairi DY-41

Alvarez Yairi DY41 Guitars for Sale

K.Yairi DY-41 Custom 2014 Used

K.Yairi DY-41 Custom 2014 Used

K.Yairi DY-41 Vintage 1976 Acoustic Guitar Solid Rosewood all hand made STUNNING

Top: Spruce
Sides & Back:Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck: Mahogany
Mother of Pearl Binding
Hexagon MOP Inlays
Handmade in Japan.

One thought on “Alvarez Yairi DY-41

  1. My daughter was just gifted a DY-41 made in 1995 and it’s beautiful and sounds great. Just wanted you to know the love of music though the Yairi sound is being passed on.

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