Alvarez Yairi DY-88

Vintage Alvarez Yairi DY-88 Guitars for Sale

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Alvarez Yairi DY-88 guitar is an acoustic/electric model with a 3-band equalizer and volume control. It’s perfect for studio or stage with ZERO feedback. This model has been used by many musicians from Paul McCartney to Dave Mason. The DY-88 has inlaid abalone on the fingerboard, around the body trim and includes gold tuning keys. The tone of this guitar can stand toe-to-toe with any acoustic guitar out there… including those vintage Martin or Taylor models. The sound definitely has that CSN&Y “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” vibe. The Yairi DY-88 is a REAL JEWEL!


  1. I have several DY888 models and utilize them professionally on the road. I have played over 1100 shows with the DY88 Models.

    The guitar is distinctive, a blast to play, offers a good amount of versatility as to what it will do and the styling’s that can be effectively conveyed with the guitar.

    On more than one occasion, I have had to play when there was no power and the guitar despite the absence of a sound hole, carried surprisingly well.

    One of the truly great benefits is zero feedback, regardless of circumstance. When I play with my 9 member backup band, the guitar stands out with quite a bit of presence and again, has a very unique sound. The guitar is also wonderful in alternative tunings and when a slide is used. . . Really a lot of fun to play and a great sound.

    Now, is it a “fine” guitar? No. It is not a Santa Cruz, Collings nor a higher end production model made by Taylor or Martin and so forth. But then again, it is not trying to be. It is what it is. I do take my other guitars out probably more often now than the DY88. But whenever I see them sitting about, I can’t resist and remember just how much fun they are. Then I take them out on the road again and around we go.

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