Alvarez Yairi DY-95N

New and Used Alvarez Yairi DY95-N Guitars for Sale

No Used Models Available at the Moment, Check Back Soon!

Alvarez Yairi DY-95N Master Abalone “tree of Life” Specs:
Solid Spruce Top
Naturally aged Jacaranda Back and Sides – Min 2yrs
Abalone inlays on Top, Back, Sides, Fingerboard, Soundhole, Bridge and Headstock
“Tree of Life” Inlay on the Neck
Gold “Grover” Tuners
Mahogany Neck
Dreadnought Sized


  1. Hi I saw that you had an Alvarez DY-95N Tree of Life for sale. Do you still have it? what is the price or if not what did it sell for? Thanks.

  2. I’m looking for a very clean Alvarez Yairi DY95 Tree of Life. Prefer if this has an original case in nice shape, too. Not looking for versions that have been modified. If you have one of these, please contact me. Most likely this guitar is from the mid-late 70s… Thanks, Gary

      1. i want to buy your alvarez yairi dy95 guitar. do you have any more info or photos? also please let me know city. thank you

        1. Dude, this response was from Gary o to me, personally. Please allow us to do business here and give us that courtesy. This is between Gary o and myself so please don’t try to slide in between us and interfere with our business, if you please.

        1. Is some one interested in a dy95 n in 9.5/10 condition. Have gotten a lot of response but no nmbers to text to. if not, no problem, no worrys mate. Gary

  3. i want to buy a dy series alvarez yairi guitar. dy91 – dy92 – dy94 – dy98 – dy95 – or other dy guitar – etc. please let me know if you have one for sale?

      1. Yes, Mike, I have interest. Would love to see photos of your guitars. You can personally email me at and we can go from there. Put “Alvarez guitars for sale” in the subject so I know it is from this site. Thank you.

        1. Mike: I have some health issues which has stop my music. I am unable to play, so will not be interested in your Alvarez. thank you. Gary

      1. Chris…I know well what this beast of life can do…may the wind fill your sails and carry you to where you are supposed to be…and you know we’re here waiting!!! Light, love and luck to you, wordweaver! And thank you for the many wonderful introductions to some fantastic poets I would have never stumbled upon without this…gratitude!

    1. Have a 1976 Alvarez Yairi dy95n in prestige condition. Original case with min flaws with banding on outside case. All else is stunning. Please let me know the ball park your willing to pay and if you need pictures to respond. Gary

          1. Andy this guitar has the shimmering responsiveness of some Brazilian rosewood models. Aith some boomyness like a martin. Yet balanced as you would expect from a highend yairi. The sound has opened more in the last 2 years. Not sure how or why.

  4. If anyone is interested, this DY 91C is from the mid to late 90’s. Alvaez mk 600 Electronics work well with an added alvarez sound hole microphone.

  5. I have a 1980 Serial 32585 Alvarez Yari guitar..Model DY 85…am wondering what its worth in good condition and with original hard case…I d appreciate anyone’s comments.

  6. Typically these have sold for around the 700 – 900 range.
    Because they are few available you might get a little more. The dy 85 has jacaranda back and sides. The dy 85a has either burled mahagony or rosewood.

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