Alvarez Yairi OY-80

Vintage Alvarez Yairi OY-80 LutebackĀ Guitars for Sale

No Used Models Available at the Moment, Check Back Soon!
K.Yairi OY-80
K.Yairi OY-80 Front

Top : Solid Spruce
Fingerboard : Ebony
Bridge : Ebony
Back : Solid Rosewood, Mahogany and Maple
Sides : Solid Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Tuners : Grover 102G


  1. I purchased this beautiful and very rare Yairi 0Y-80 in excellent condition. People who first see this guitar may be mistaken for thinking, because its a bowl back guitar that it’s sounds like an Ovation. They couldn’t be more wrong! For a start the guitar back is made from maple,mahogany and rosewood (unlike any Ovation). The guitar was designed for excellent projection and a full and rich sound. With remarkable balanced tone. It’s totally unique and I feel extremely lucky to have found her!!!!!! If anyone has any information regarding these handcrafted guitars please get in touch.



  2. Hi Steve, your a very lucky man for finding this guitar, my friend has the 0Y-80 too. It is such a beautiful guitar and sounds fantastic. I have some very nice guitars Martin’s etc, but I’d certainly would like this model in my collection.

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