K.Yairi BL-85R

K.Yairi BL-85R Acoustic Guitar

K.Yairi BL-85 R Acoustic Guitar

K.Yairi BL-85R Acoustic Guitar ANNE 2006 w/hard case Free Shipping 891v11 | eBay

Service: EMS. Doing that is against U.S. and international laws. | eBay!

Spruce single plate on the body top, side & back adopted a vivid race wood grain production completion model.
Chord length 645 mm / 42 mm Nut width · Rose finger board is finished to a slightly thin slim neck, you can use comfortably from young guitar beginner to female player wide.
Volume-rich original BL size · semi jumbo · body with clear pick guard, equipped with delicate tuning accuracy GOTO SGV 510 peg mounted. It is a powerful acoustic guitar with rich bass!

Although a bit of impression such as scratches and fine dent marks and dent marks at the head apex are visible in the body, other play conditions are kept overall as a whole.
In-stock cleaning, fret edge treatment · rubbing to adjust apexes, nut · saddle (shim) adjustment string high maintenance, there is no problem in performance.

Fingerboard: Rosewood

【Neck Condition 】 Good
【Truss rod】 Closing side left 120 degrees
【Fret remaining 】 About 80%
【String height on 12F】 6 String side: about 2.5mm 1st string side: about 2.0mm (including shim )

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