K. Yairi DY-92 “Lute Back”

Vintage K. Yairi DY-92 Lute Back Guitars for Sale

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K. Yairi built this model because he believed that the domed back would yield a sound and volume of unique quality…but only if the materials used were in harmony with the shape.

Although a machine process synthetic molded back might suffice, he was convinced that only wood could give the quality o sound he wanted.

Thirty three pieces of mahogany, rosewood and maple, all shaped and finished by hand, compose the domed back. Mr. Yairi chose the finest Canadian spruce available for the soundboard and braces, The inner kerfed strips are hand set mahogany. The ebony fretboard is bound with ivoriod, herringbone inlay borders the top and soundhole. Patent heads are gold plated Grovers on a rosewood faced headstock.

The craftsmanship on the “lute back” is flawless; even the interior is finished with same care as the exterior. The tonal quality of the Lute back is superb; so sensitive and versatile, that this model, responds faithfully to the individual’s style and technique. It is a fine solo instrument yet it has the resonance and projection that is necessary for rhythm accompaniment.

Yairi Dy-92


  1. I have the OY-80 which is the same guitar, but with a lion pick guard. The sound is beautifully well balanced. The nicest acoustic I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot!

    1. I’ve owned the OY-80 same as the DY-92 for years. I agree with the last comment, the sound is incredible! Everyone who plays my Yairi says its on par with the high end Martins, Taylor’s etc for sound and build quality. I will never sell mine, for any price!!!!

    2. My brother bought this guitar in 1977, with the lion pickguard. I thought it was one of a kind. He gave it to me about 8 years ago. I’ve been trying to find out more about it since. I would appreciate it if you have any more info. Email me. Thanks. chrisrottke@gmail.com

  2. I owned the DY 92 the construction and woods were beautiful. It had very even and fast action with a shimmering voice in the mid thru treble range but I thought the bass end was lacking.

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