S. Yairi SY-12 Acoustic Guitar

s yairi acoustic guitar ye 35 3ts

S-YAIRI Model 9106 Right Handed 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Vintage 1980 S. Yairi grand concert acoustic guitar, Japan

S Yairi SY-12 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Japan 1970s | eBay

S Yairi SY-12 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Japan 1970s | Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Acoustic Guitars | eBay!

1970’s B & M (distributor) S Yairi SY-12 acoustic guitar. Made in Japan. Quite rare and quite collectable these days.

Nice old simple dreadnought with small marks and dings, scuffs, scratches and scrapes. The frets are in overall good shape with some light wear.

There is a nasty chip on the back corner of the headstock and when i bought this guitar the bridge was lifting and has been properly reset by my repairman. He had to score around it to properly glue it to the top so you can see the slight score line at the back of the bridge but this is just cosmetic. There is a light chip in the finish on the underside treble side of the neck at the 10th fret ( see pic below) and there are other marks and signs of use.

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