Alvarez Yairi DY41

Alvarez Yairi DY-41

Alvarez Yairi DY41 Guitars for Sale

1976 Yairi DY41 All Solid ACOUSTIC GUITAR Japan Vintage VERY RARE !!

K.Yairi DY41 Natural With Hard Case Made in Japan

K.Yairi DY41 With Hard Case Made in Japan

Top: Spruce
Sides & Back:Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck: Mahogany
Mother of Pearl Binding
Hexagon MOP Inlays
Handmade in Japan.

One thought on “Alvarez Yairi DY-41

  1. My daughter was just gifted a DY-41 made in 1995 and it’s beautiful and sounds great. Just wanted you to know the love of music though the Yairi sound is being passed on.

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