The History of the “Lawsuit” Guitars

Alvarez K. Yairi DY45 1990

Alvarez Yairi DY71 acoustic guitar MIJ Made in Japan with hardshell case

1974 Alvarez Yairi DY85 acoustic electric guitar

Great Article about the lawsuit era of the 70’s when big American guitar companies like Gibson and Martin sued Japanese guitar makers like Yairi and Takamine for copyright infringement. read more….

The True Story Behind Japanese ‘Lawsuit’ Guitars – Soundfly

Welcome to 6String Minutes. In this segment, we’ll uncover the truth about Japanese “lawsuit” guitars imported to the United States from the mid-1970s on. Gear hunters and enthusiasts around the world all claim to have seen them, but the true story may shock you.* (* If you happen to be plugged into an ungrounded amplifier and touch metal.)

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